Web redesign

We redesign your website with a method that will increase your sales

Stop losing customers for having an obsolete website. Schedule a session where we will analyze how to optimize it to multiply your conversions.

We created a web redesign method that...

It will position your site or e-commerce in Google, reaching more potential customers.

Demonstrate why your products or services are different, increasing your sales.

It will build customer loyalty, making them buy again and again.

Boost your online sales

Maximize your web conversions. During your consulting session, we will explore specific strategies to boost your sales and increase your revenue.

Build customer loyalty to keep them coming back

Convert one-time buyers into loyal customers. During your counseling session, we will discuss how to build lasting relationships to keep you coming back for more.

Feel the pride and satisfaction of a website that represents you.

Our custom designs will make you feel identified with your website. During your consulting session, you will be able to convey your brand personality. This way your site will reflect your essence.

In addition, by delegating the redesign of your website, you will gain...

Increased visibility

Attract more quality traffic to your website. We will work on your SEO strategy to position your website in Google and reach new customers that otherwise you would not reach.

You will be different from your competitors

You will stand out in a market saturated with generic proposals. We will identify how you can differentiate yourself so that customers understand why they should choose you.

Connect with your audience

You will understand what your customer feels. During our redesign approach, we define your profile (your pains, desires and objectives) to tell you what you need to hear.

100% customized design

No more generic templates. Our redesign method includes handcrafted line-by-line designs to reflect your brand in an authentic and unique way.

Seamless mobile experience

Don’t lose sales on mobile devices. We optimize the mobile experience to ensure that your customers can shop from their cell phones.

Manage your site yourself

We create your new website on an easy to manage and versatile platform, without the need for technical knowledge. You’ll enjoy the freedom to customize your site whenever you need to.

This could be your brand...

80% of companies offer a better service of which they are able to communicate

Franco was part of that 80%.

However, by applying some strategies, he multiplied his sales and we want to tell you how we helped him achieve it.

When Franco arrived at Seotronix...

He told us that the benefits he offered to his home flooring clients were:

What was the problem that I had not detected?
As with most companies, these benefits were generic. All of its competition was sold at the same profit. Therefore, it did not stand out and customers did not understand why choose it.

After getting to know your brand in depth in our meetings, we realized that the unique benefits that no competitor offered (and with which you would be able to differentiate yourself) were the following:

What happened next is a consequence of having demonstrated that their offer was unique.

When we implemented the designs and communicated the new content with the benefits, conversions increased in a short time.

Requests for quotations and inquiries for advice came in non-stop.

But what changed?

This does not happen only to Franco. In fact, 80% of companies sell less than they want to by communicating their services or products in a generic way.

Do you suspect that you are part of this 80%? We can analyze it together to solve it.

They have already chosen us

And with our redesign method they have achieved

Inspire confidence in your customers and build customer loyalty

Discover the differential of your products or services and communicate it.

Put in simple to understand words the value they bring to your business.

Enjoy these results in your business

Committed to quality

Only 25 redesigns per year

Our commitment is not with quantity, but with quality. We want to differentiate you from canned sites and empty content. This requires 100% handcrafted redesigns and attention to detail. That’s why…

We only work with 25 annual quotas

to guarantee you a quality service that boosts your results.

This is for your company if...

You have a website that is more than 2 years old and no longer reflects your value proposition and brand identity. You feel you are losing customers.

You know that your product or service is of very good quality, but even so, customers hesitate to buy from you and do not perceive the benefits until they have tried it.

You feel that you communicate your products or services in a generic way and that generates distrust in your potential customers.

You invest more than 2000 USD per month in advertising and you have few results for this great investment. You want to maximize your conversions.

We will get to know your brand in depth so that your website is a reflection of your values, the value you deliver and the way you work.

People will feel safe shopping on your website.

We will define the profile of your ideal client. In your file we will describe your wishes, concerns and aspirations.

This way we will know what to tell them so they understand how your brand solves their problem.

We will uncover those benefits that differentiate you from the competition and use them to write a compelling value proposition .

We will also write all the written content for your new website.

Our designers come up with an intuitive structure for your website or ecommerce, while our SEO specialists improve your Google ranking.

This way we attract more people and make sure that they buy on your site, because it is easy to navigate.

Before launching it to the world, we present you the final designs (100% customized) for all sections of your new website or ecommerce, adjusted to your company's branding.

This is the moment when all the work takes shape.

Once the design is approved, we implement your new site on the agreed platform(100% self-administrable and scalable).

You will not need technical knowledge to make the modifications that will allow you to continue growing.

What does the web redesign service include?

Have you already decided that this year you will increase your sales no matter what?

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