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“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

| Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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We work side by side with you as a strategic partner, doing everything necessary for your site to appear at the top of the search engines.

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We have contact with more than +700 News Media from all over Latin America and several countries of Europe to quickly publish content on webpages with high authority and traffic.


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Our specialists dedicate hours on any custom SEO task that fits your goals and needs.


We have a plan specially for you


  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Market research
  • SEO Optimizations On + Off Page
  • Monthly report + video call
  • WPO: Web Performance Optimization
  • Average web positioning time: 1 Year


+ Todo lo incluido en el plan Starter y además
  • Linkbuilding: Digital press releases. Up to 2 articles each month.
  • Average web positioning time: 6 Months
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+ Todo lo incluido en el plan Advanced más:
  • Linkbuilding: Digital press releases. Up to 2 articles each month.
  • Designed for those who need to achieve a quick, sustained positioning (~3 months).

Our services in detail

Through this in-depth analysis, we review all the on-page technical factors that Google takes into account when scanning and ranking each site.

It is the first step to identify errors and opportunities for improvement, to know the current state of optimization and then, together with keyword research, to determine the personalized action plan and SEO strategy to be carried out.

Our specialists will simulate the Google robot using crawlers that scan all the internal resources that your website contains and show each user who browses it (text, images, source code). Through certain rules, we detect optimization errors and possibilities for improvement.

We deliver an extensive report with all the information analyzed, the strong points, the weak points, concrete actions and conclusions.

Each external link that points to your site is taken into account by Google and used for your positioning.

In our SEO Off-Page audit, we exhaustively review all the references that point to your website and confirm that they are positive for your link profile.

  • Domain authority and authority of important pages
  • Number of backlinks (compared to competitors)
  • Number of different domains
  • Most used anchor texts
  • Links in educational or government domains
  • Links on high domain authority sites

Since there are negative SEO techniques that other SEO agencies or freelancers use to damage your online reputation, we also review all backlinks one by one and classify them according to their level of toxicity.

Our keyword study allows us to understand exactly what and how our client’s target audience is searching for. Choosing the search terms or phrases to use correctly is very important since they will be the basis of our subsequent optimizations.

We base our selection on:

Search intention : There are searches aimed at investigating or obtaining information, and other more transactional ones where the user shows a clear purchase intention.

monthly searches: The more you search for a phrase the better, always. In any case, the minimum volume required will be determined by the market niche of each client.

Competition: With more competition, we will need more time and resources to position the website. We must be intelligent when choosing the positioning strategy.

Current position: The initial ranking has a great influence because the higher you start, the less time it will take to reach the first position.

Once the keywords are pre-selected, the result is shared with the client for feedback, aligning us with their business objectives.

Loading speed is important to Google as it is a ranking factor, but it is also very important to users as it directly affects their browsing experience. In our load speed optimization service, our WPO specialist will make our client’s site load in less than 1 second.

Among the optimizations we can mention: Code minifications, GZIp compression between the server and the user, massive image reduction, navigation cache, page caching on the server, size reduction, implement a CDN, among others.

Core Web Vitals : The 3 indicators that measure how optimized a site is are:

  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): This is the time it takes to render an image or the largest block of text visible within the viewport. It must happen in less than 2.5 s.
  • FID (First Input Delay): The time that a user needs when interacting with a page for the first time. It must be less than 100 ms.
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): Measures the number of unexpected changes in the layout of the visible content. It must be 0.1 or less.

If you are about to migrate from web design, hosting, or domain, or you are going to make any changes to your site that you think may affect positioning, stop immediately .

We have a thorough SEO migration process that ensures that you make the changes without losing positions, traffic, or sales.

Our specialists get into the process of creating the new website and make sure that all the current content and optimizations are kept in the new version, working closely with the developers.

It is important to start the SEO migration service during the creation of the new website, otherwise, it may be necessary to recreate programming blocks, deoptimizing time and resources.

If you are looking for a position in a particular city or region, the techniques to use are oriented to a Local SEO positioning.

In the keyword research, we will take into account keywords that ultimately include the location (eg “car rental in Bariloche”). For this type of search, Google usually shows a list of Google Maps locations in the results.

Therefore, the optimization of the Google My Business listing is very important in this type of positioning.

When the strategy involves positioning in different countries, we need to talk about international SEO.

Good practice recommends having a separate ccTLD domain for each country and having sufficient resources to execute a complete and personalized marketing strategy for each different audience.

Although many times, internationalization is given by where the services are sought, and not by the country in which it is offered.

For example, a “car rental in Argentina” company may be interested in people who are outside the country, who speak English and want to rent a car here. Keywords such as “rent a car in Argentina” will be of interest to a tourist from the USA or UK, and our job will be to position them in those countries. on the English version of our client’s website.

Our specialists define within the SEO Off Page optimization of a website, 3 different blocks: Correction, Cleaning and Obtaining.

Within the Obtaining backlinks block, we have systematized a digital press process in which we offer our clients the possibility of managing articles in newspapers with very high domain authority.

We have a database of +750 media throughout Latin America and different countries of Europe, from small newspapers ideal for local strategies as well as national newspapers.

Our Linkbuilding service consists of the following steps:

Strategy: We design the best personalized off-page strategy for each client, depending on the current domain authority and the one to be achieved, the competition, and the available budget.

Writing: Our team of writers creates unique content according to the designed content strategy.

Management: We send the article to the media, along with the payment and publishing requirements.

Publication: The media gives us the URL of the published article.

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