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We are a constantly growing agency where the team and their well-being are ALWAYS at the center.

"I choose to work at Seotronix because I can grow professionally. We are encouraged to participate and contribute to every new project and initiative of the company. The work environment is warm; it feels like working with friends. We keep enhancing the web design area and continuously think of new services for the future, which keeps me excited and with great prospects within the company."

Patricio Sierra
Web Development Director

"Great work environment, professional and high-quality team. The work atmosphere is truly unique; there's a positive energy and good vibe among all team members that contributes to a highly productive and rewarding workplace."

Jaime Fuentes
Commercial Executive

"I choose to work with this team because of its growth-oriented work culture, wonderful treatment, and daily practice of teamwork. It’s a pleasure to work in a healthy environment where everything can be discussed, and there’s a healthy demand to improve every day."

Osvaldo Doyle
UX/UI & Commercial Research

"At Seotronix, I found a workplace where I couldn't ask for more. The work environment here is incredible, and every team member makes working here enjoyable. I always felt that my professional and personal well-being was given a lot of importance. All my questions, concerns, and suggestions were considered. It’s a place where I learned and grew a lot."

Gastón Alvarez Trpin
Gastón Alvarez Trpin
Product Designer

"I choose Seotronix because I believe one has the opportunity to grow as a professional, developing both hard and soft skills. The work environment is also very friendly; everyone on the team is excellent, and there’s an excellent attitude towards everything. Lastly, the benefits we have are remarkable. We receive training, a free Friday each month, and two extra weeks off a year in addition to our vacation."

Juan Poggi
Client Experience Leader

"Above all, the human quality of the team." "Seotronix is an incredible space to learn and constantly improve because it consists of people willing to help, listen, and support you in whatever you need.
There is a climate of great trust and camaraderie, something very motivating that pushes you to improve daily, knowing you have a network that supports and accompanies you."

Antonella Rapetti
Digital Media & Content SEO Leader

"The good work environment and how awesome everyone on the team is make everything easy to tackle. The project’s projection and the growth we achieve year after year give me security and confidence that we are on the right path"

Saúl Ramírez
Saul Ramirez
WPO Specialist


SEO Leave

Everyone on the team gets 5 days off per year to enjoy as they wish.

Seotronix Vacations

We offer 2 extra weeks off to enjoy, plus regular vacation time!


Depending on your profile and desire to develop, we seek training that helps you specialize.

English classes

We have a private teacher who will accompany you one-on-one according to your training objectives.

Health Coverage

We offer Osde coverage so you can enjoy a wide range of top-quality medical services.

Monthly recognition

The team rewards the person who gave their all each month, and we arrange a gift for the winner.

Birthday Off

We give you your birthday off so you can enjoy it as you wish, plus a little gift!

Special Recognition

We accompany you on dates like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, etc. We share a gift, and you get to enjoy it!

Seotronix Culture

We aim for each team member to develop and find a challenge that motivates them to keep growing and contributing from their interests. That’s why we would be delighted to meet you and for you to get to know us. We invite you to grow with the Seotronix team!

Our mission is to help users connect quickly and easily with solutions to their needs, build digital bridges between businesses and customers, and replace intrusive advertising with quality content.

We strive to be leaders in designing and executing the best personalized digital marketing strategies for our clients, profoundly studying Google’s algorithm and user behavior.


We aim to work with simplicity, ensuring our approach is agile and secure.


We strive for excellence in our deliverables. We aim to stand out through constant improvement and personalized service.


Our goal is to be aligned with a common objective through collaboration and mutual respect, aiming to have fun and grow.


We want to adapt and grow with changes. We work with a flexible model focused on achieving goals/tasks independently of work hours.


We are constantly growing and adjusting to changes in the best possible way.


We aim to be aware and fulfill previously agreed-upon goals, which allows us to work for the common good.

Recruitment Process

of new vacancy
CV Submission
HR Interview
Technical Challenge
Interview with the Hiring Manager

1. How is the selection process?

After you send your CV and apply, we will contact you via email or phone to arrange a 30-minute meeting with HR to get to know you better. If we need to, you will participate in a technical challenge and then have a call with the team leader for feedback. We will make you an offer if you advance through all the stages. Finally, the administrative processes occur until your onboarding and introduction to the Seotronix team.

4. Is Seotronix a remote company?

Yes, the team is 100% remote.

2- How long does the selection process take?

Approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

3- Will I receive feedback during the selection process?

Yes. At Seotronix, we’ll let you know if you continue in the process and advance and if we decide to move forward with another candidate. Notifications will be sent via the registered email.

5- I want to apply but can’t find any vacancies; what should I do?

You can send your CV to [email protected] or register using the following form so we can contact you when a vacancy opens.

Job Openings

Departamento técnico SEO

– 100% remote –

Part time
Seo Specialist con Inglés avanzado (Part time)

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