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Building an ecommerce seems simple (it only seems)

At the beginning, setting up an online store is seen as a straightforward process: selecting products, describing their features and welcoming customers.

As we move forward, we realize that …

Sales are not coming (or not as many as they would like)

After the effort it takes to design an ecommerce, we want it to generate great results.

However, not all stores make it. The ones that are the most intuitive, inspire confidence and give users what they want win.

Writing attractive texts is a challenge

You may have noticed that users enter the product, but don’t buy it, and you wonder “Why? If I was one step away from buying“.

It is likely that the text on the product card did not convince you enough to add the product to the cart.

They attract traffic but fail to hold it back

Many times we invest time and money to attract traffic to our website and we succeed.

However, it is a huge frustration to discover that we are wasting our resources because although we manage to attract traffic, we do not convert it into customers.

I want help to solve these problems



For sale

This is the path we will follow to multiply your sales...

By improving your positioning in Google, more people enter your site, since you generate reliability and visibility.

By increasing the number of people who visit your site, you will have more people interested in consuming your product.

The result of the above steps is to convert more visitors into buyers in a scalable way.

We are ecommerce specialists with a proven approach

Uncover hidden opportunities and outperform your competition

Step 1:

We understand what your user wants

We carry out a deep research of the behavior of your potential customers. We understand their concerns, bad experiences with competitors and what they expect from your brand.

We also investigate with which words you are searched in Google.

This information is essential to provide them with exactly what they want, when they want it.

Step 2:

We audit your current ecommerce

We review how many criteria your online store currently meets to rank in Google.

How fast does your ecommerce load? Are you positioning yourself better than your competitors?

These are the kind of questions we ask to analyze your current situation. This way we discover improvement points that, once implemented, will boost your results.

Step 3:

We plot the strategy

Once we know the user and the points of improvement of your ecommerce, we design an action plan that allows you to position your store at the top of Google.

This will inspire confidence and increase your sales.

Prior to its implementation, we will schedule a meeting where we will review this strategy together and you will give us your approval.

Step 4:

We implement and measure results

The rule is clear: no measurement, no improvement. Therefore, at the same time as we implement the strategy, we are measuring that everything is going according to plan. If there is any deviation, it is corrected on the fly to ensure that the objectives are achieved.

We are also quite nonconformist. Even when one strategy works, we like to test whether we can find another that works better.

Do you have your ecommerce on any of these platforms?

We adapt to the platform you work with, no matter what it is. Our programmers are proficient in…





Other platforms

If you are comfortable with your current web provider, or your team is already used to it... Don't worry, we won't make you switch platforms!

We convert your traffic into sales

SEO + Web redesign: the winning combination par excellence

It's no use having a website that attracts potential buyers if it doesn't convert them into customers. It's like having a bad salesperson within our sales team: it makes us lose money.

Therefore, in addition to applying SEO strategies that attract traffic, we redesign your online store to increase your conversions. We will deliver a robust, attractive and profitable ecommerce.

They will make sure that your site sells more...

SEO leader in ecommerce

Osvaldo is the strategic brain behind our SEO strategies.

Leads and coordinates each project to ensure that each strategy is accurately communicated and executed.

Saul Ramirez

Speed Optimization

Saul is the expert that improves the speed and efficiency of our ecommerce.

Optimize all technical aspects to offer users a fast and smooth navigation, essential for the success of your online store.

Jose Doyle

SEO Implementation

Jose specializes in the practical implementation of SEO strategies.

By paying close attention to detail, it maximizes ecommerce performance and visibility for our customers.

Antonella Rapetti

Content Generation

Antonella is the creative voice of ecommerce.

Using his storytelling skills, he creates relevant and engaging content that drives user engagement, strengthening online presence.

Daniela Sarviola

Project Manager

Daniela is the organizational force that follows up on the projects.

Ensures strategies are executed on time and within budget, keeping the team aligned towards each client’s objectives.

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SEO is vital for any ecommerce looking to increase its online visibility, attract qualified traffic and improve its conversion rates. Implementing specific SEO strategies helps you stand out from the competition, connecting your store with users actively interested in your products.

An SEO agency specialized in ecommerce goes deep into understanding your target market, analyzes the behavior of your potential customers and optimizes your site for search engines. This not only improves your Google ranking but also ensures a smooth and engaging user experience, increasing the chances of conversion.

SEO is a long-term strategy. While some improvements can be seen in the short term, significant results usually require at least 3 to 6 months. This is because search engines need time to index and evaluate the changes made to your site. In general, our customers enjoy a return on investment in less than 6 months.

We specialize in working with a wide variety of ecommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, among others. Our technical team is equipped to adapt specific SEO strategies to the architecture and needs of each platform, ensuring effective implementation regardless of the system you use.

Yes, follow-up and transparency are pillars of our service. We provide periodic reports detailing the progress of your SEO strategy, including improvements in rankings, organic traffic and conversion rates. Our goal is to keep you informed and ensure that every action taken contributes to your business objectives.

Our SEO audit covers a comprehensive analysis of your website, including loading speed, structure, content, internal and external links, and mobile optimization. We identify areas of improvement and provide a detailed action plan to increase your visibility in search engines and improve user experience.