Billabong is a company with a presence in more than 25 countries. We started working with Billabong Argentina at the beginning of 2022 and after a little more than 6 months of work we have already achieved great organic evolution, working together with the internal team and Leren, their technological partner.

Stages of the SEO strategy with Billabong

At the beginning of any SEO campaign, it is always important to follow a series of steps in order to develop a customized SEO strategy and work as efficiently as possible. The stages are:

  • Discovery
  • Strategy development / Action plan
  • Execution of the strategy
  • Measurement and periodic adjustments

It is important to clarify that measurement and constant/periodic adjustments to the strategy are a fundamental part of the strategy. Iteration allows for continuous improvement.

Discovery Stage with Billabong

A brief discovery stage to understand the real situation of the site, from commercial issues (objectives that we take from the client to understand where we should aim), technical issues that we see after a technical SEO audit and also questions of feasibility of each type of implementation, seeking to know the client and his team.

SEO strategy development stage

After conducting a technical SEO audit, a Keyword Research and after a good number of meetings with different people from the Billabong and Leren teams, it is now time to put together an SEO action plan, a pillar document in the development of the SEO strategy.

The objective of the action plan is to list in a precise way the important actions that will allow us, as a team, to make Billabong’s organic traffic grow, always seeking to meet the brand’s commercial objectives. It is a dynamic document (as it can be adjusted) and is normally valid for 6 months, which is more than enough time to get from point A to point B, building quality and growing organically.

The most important points we were working on during the first months at Billabong were:

  • Billabong design migration
  • Review of indexing content
  • Web architecture and structure
  • First optimization of the form and type of results displayed.

Considering the basis of the site, the commercial objectives and feasibility, these were the four pillars that Seotronix selected as important points to work on, points that will lead us to a growth in organic traffic.

SEO strategy execution stage

Knowing Billabong’s real situation, we can now focus on the problems and the solution we are looking for. Of the four main pillars, let’s look at the progress made with each one:

Billabong design migration

When we started working with Billabong, they told us that they were working on a possible redesign that would be coming in the next few months. Billabong is a brand with thousands of daily visits in the organic channel (tens of thousands between all channels), therefore from Seotronix we accompany the team throughout the migration process.

  • Objective – That Billabong does not lose organic traffic after this migration. In a web site with thousands of daily visits and more than 10,000 pages, it is not an easy task.
  • Result – We were able to successfully overcome the migration, no positions or traffic were lost and not only that, the website performed very well to such an extent that we successfully overcame the HotSale 2022 as a whole.

Review of indexing content

Another big problem we found at Billabong, is that historically they indexed searches generated by the web search engine, a problem they were not aware of and generated several thousand indexable pages that had traffic. The issue was addressed with urgency, several options were put forward and not only the solution but also the next steps were documented in detail.

  • Result – Successfully solved the problem, eliminated the various types of search results that were indexing (several thousand URLs) and finally managed to define certain categories and products that ideally meet the original search intent.

Web architecture and structure

Billabong is a very large site, with many products and categories due to the nature of the industry. Adult and children’s clothing, men’s, women’s and unisex clothing, special editions, collaboration capsules, seasons and much more.

This resulted in an effective but not entirely orderly structure, our work as a team was to identify each of the categories that should really exist, we worked on a fine optimization to avoid cannibalization of categorization and worked in stages for the implementation of a customized solution to this problem.

It is still a work in progress (first stages implemented), but for now the results have been very good, avoiding gross cannibalization and therefore seeking a better positioning for the most important categories at the business level.

First optimization of the form and type of results displayed

As in any ecommerce, and in fact as in any SEO campaign where we work on a site with thousands of URLs and thousands of visits daily, one of the quick wins we looked for was to work on the form and type of results shown from Billabong in Google.

We work on meta titles, descriptions, structured data and other issues on the URLs with the highest organic traffic and general importance.

  • Objective – Achieve quick positive results from the SEO campaign, resulting from a cost/benefit matrix.
  • Result – We successfully achieved results (higher CTR and slight improvement of positions for certain terms) in URLs with high volume of organic traffic from the client (Home, categories and certain products).

We are currently continuing to deepen the different points (especially web architecture & structure and the way search results are displayed) in order to keep improving. We are not yet at a stage where we can think about exclusively optimizing product sheets, there are still other macro errors to continue to see.

Measurement and periodic adjustments to Billabong’s SEO strategy

As we mentioned before, the measurement and periodic adjustments in an SEO campaign is an integral issue that is not inherent to a stage itself, but to the whole campaign.

At Seotronix we work a lot for SEO campaigns to 6 months in order to be able to make a projection, measure and see results. It is from this comparison that we see how much we have been growing.

The results of Billabong’ s SEO campaign are very positive, we are already leading for most of the terms we defined some time ago and we have increased by 40% the non-branded organic traffic, an important KPI to follow in a brand with a strong international presence.

Having already covered a good part of the year together, and already seeing significant growth at the business level, we continue to increase the volume of products and categories that are priorities for the brand.

Next steps in the SEO campaign with Billabong

We are in a very good real situation, together with Billabong we have already improved many positions for many keywords that generate business, now the important thing is to set new SEO goals for the next stage of this campaign, and keep growing together.

At Seotronix we are experts in SEO for ecommerce, we can help you grow as we do with Billabong. Let’s talk!

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